About our Group

Transparency is one of our primary values.

CAREO GROUP is an equity company with a set annual dividend and a long-term vision.

For shorter-term investment, our company MUTULAND is a segregated portfolio solution. You get back your investment and profits after three or five years, depending on your choice. 

Our companies

Equity Partner

  • Enter the equity capital of our group and parent company
  • Own a portion of our companies as well as a broad portfolio of lands expertly managed
  • Follow the growth and financial details for each property on your online portal
  • Diversify your real estate exposure without extra management time
  • Minimum investment = USD$ 100,000.00

Land mutually bought. Investing platform for simplified land acquisition

  • Select your timeline between 3 or 5 years and the amount you wish to invest
  • Contact us and start the due diligence process.
  • Access details of past investments and comparables once registered
  • We scan the market & find opportunities. You get access to single deals you can buy mutually
  • You own portions of single lands
  • We upgrade, subdivide when needed, and manage everything. You benefit from our expertise on-site.
  • We split the profit and give 2% of ours to our environmental & social branches



CAREO GROUP & Companies were founded and are directed by Manon Mazella, CEO.

She likes to say, “The best investments are the ones that don’t depreciate and can’t be taken away… Land.”

Investing in real estate is one of the safest and most profitable investments, but doing it alone requires knowledge, time, network, and more capital.

With us, you will benefit from many years of experience in a booming market; our team manages everything, from diversification to capitalizing.

Manon Mazella

Our story

Manon created and ran her company for years, formally known as Central America Investment. The mission was to find the best deals and avoid speculated prices for her clients while protecting them through land acquisition.

As a very passionate personality with love for projects, Manon needs to have her brain busy and always seeking growth. She wanted to create a group with successful people and have exciting brainstorming sessions.

Creating a transparent platform with intelligent tools to simplify investment was the aim. So her clients became her associates, and CAREO GROUP was born to allow investors to enlarge their portfolios while reducing risk without requiring time, energy, and market expertise.

CAREO GROUP offers a fixed annual income that is a longer-term investment and partnership. On the other hand, MUTULAND provides a shorter-term turnover and collaboration that could complete an investment strategy. 

Our values

We CARE about Efficiency, Growth, Transparency, Nature, and Authenticity

We want to protect our environment, encourage sustainable development, help young entrepreneurs in their project, and sponsors kids through education & sports. For those reasons, our next project is to launch a platform where you can follow what we helped accomplish.

Our work and progress will never stop.

Invest in a secure solution without having to manage everything and share our values.